And a Special Thanks…

Writing can seem like a lonely business. Sitting in front of a keyboard with nothing but a cup of coffee (or tea in my case) to warm you’re aching fingers and perhaps a stuffed mascot for company, it’s no surprise that writers are often seen as loners or odd-bods that shun the social circuit. Yet, whilst the actual act of writing is a singular activity, being a writer doesn’t mean you have to be a social outcast. There are many writers out there who are willing to help you along the way to creating your masterpiece, aching to give advice, and who are more than willing to lift your spirits when the empty page becomes a literary desert, void of ideas and words. Today I would like to mention a few of those people, who have helped me along the way, inspired me, and been an oasis on those days I have struggled across the sands.

First off, there is Carrie Cuinn: The mastermind of publishers Daganbooks. Carrie’s skill as a writer and editor were invaluable to me when polishing up my story ‘The cry in the darkness’ and her enthusiasm for writing and publishing are a constant inspiration to me and others. Find daganbooks here and Carrie’s page here

Next is Steven J Scearce. Steven likes to write. In fact he makes me feel positively lazy whenever I catch up on what he’s doing. The up-point of this is that he encourages me to get back in the chair and carry on. And for this I thank him. Find him here and his wonderful Sc-Fi saga here

On to K.V.Taylor. Katey (I hope she doesn’t mind me calling her Katey) is another person who inspires me to carry on writing. Not only is she talented (just check out her published work) but she’s also friendly and happy to share her knowledge and advice. If you are looking for an insight into writing fiction then check on her work-in-progress, or check out one of her finished articles here And whilst your find out about her forthcoming book ‘Scripped’ here

Nathan Crowder: Nathan is another hard-worker. Founder of Timid publishing and writer of a myriad of fictions, his mention here is a given. At you can read all about his published works, links to the imaginative universe of Cobalt City and updates and views from his inventive mind. Nathan loves what he does, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Now for a lady who I’m sure is the love child of Lewis Carroll. Cate Gardner is a writer I meet through Twitter. Her name was being bandied about so often I thought I had better track her down to see what all the fuss was about. I’m glad I did. Cate’s collection of short stories ‘Strange men in pinstripe suits’ has quickly become one of my favorite books. It is filled with some of the strangest yet most imaginative tales I have read, and I’m happy to say as a person she doesn’t disappoint either. A little eccentric perhaps (she may hunt me down for saying that) but a real talent and one to watch in the realms of dark fantasy fiction. Find out all about her here

Right that’s it for now. More will be added over due course, but before I leave I would also like to mention someone without whom this site would not exist:


Peter (The Guv’nor) Hawkins. Pete has been a God-send. Not only does he keep badgering me for stories, but he also is the mastermind behind this site. Without his hard work I wouldn’t be writing this and I probably wouldn’t have been as eager to carry on. Many thanks.


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