Welcome Back!!

Welcome to the new website/blog.

We had some hosting issues with the last lot, so new we are trying a new company. So far so good (fingers crossed).

So, what’s new then I hear you ask. Well, as we lost EVERYTHING when the last host went down, we have had to start from nothing again.

But the site will be here to do it’s job, which Is keep you good people In the loop on what I’m up to with my stories, be it story samples for you to comment on, or any news on my stories being published, you will see it here first.

It’s basic, but it will serve it’s purpose well I can assure you all.

So keep visiting, keep commenting, and keep spreading the word about the new site/blog.

I thank you all.

**Oh, by the way. To leave a comment on ANY news/article we post, just click the news/article name, It will bring up the comment section. You MUST be logged in though**

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    Richard Baron says:

    Yeay were back