It’s been a while since I have submitted any stories for publication. There are two reasons for this: The first is of a personal matter that shall remain just that, and the second, is that I have been beavering away on what started as a short story, which then grew into a novella and then expanded further still. At present it is somewhat of a behemoth; sitting on my hard drive like some vast octopus, it’s tentacles spreading out, capturing and devouring every idea in my writing folder. And its presence is a problem.

It just keeps growing you see.

giant octopus

You could say this is due to bad planning. And you would be right, except there wasn’t any real planning to begin with. I just started typing and carried on… and on… and on. And now I’m not really sure what to do with it. One option is obviously to carry on until I reach its conclusion; if there is one. The second is that I put aside and move onto something else and put the whole thing down as experience. Another (the third option), is that I take some of the ideas that stand up, and turn them into shorter pieces. Oh, and there is a fourth option, which is that I just forget about the whole horrid affair and have a cup of tea.

At present, I’m stepping away from it and moving my attention to other things.

The octopus is still there though. Lurking at the bottom of my computer.

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