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Just An Update On What’s Happening In All Things To Do With My Writing.

Dreams and landscapes

Writing what is often termed Speculative fiction (though this is a very large umbrella under which numerous genres shelter), is enjoyable and sometimes frustrating, though never dull. There’s something very therapeutic about thinking up unusual events and characters, yet do … Continue reading

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Word counts and the forgotten scene

Word counts. I am in constant battle with them. I can see the reasoning behind them when it comes to publishers, but damn, they frustrate me. At present I have a story titled ‘The progeny host’ out for submission. The … Continue reading

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The Act of Writing

The worlds of writing and acting share the same ground. Though each can present rules (rules often broken in the name of the very art practiced) pertaining to their craft, the writer and the actor’s paths often cross, and in … Continue reading

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Welcome Back!!

Welcome to the new website/blog. We had some hosting issues with the last lot, so new we are trying a new company. So far so good (fingers crossed). So, what’s new then I hear you ask. Well, as we lost … Continue reading

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